Pastor’s Blog (Page 4)

Pastor’s Blog (Page 4)

Becoming Awakened

Jesus came that we may have life, and have it abundantly. For us to know what quality of life we have, we need to be aware, awake, and conscious. Here we share some scriptural references regarding becoming aware.

Pentecost Sunday

Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. It remembers the day when the Spirit of God was given personally to the disciples following Jesus’ death. The Holy Spirit is the gift of God’s self to each of us. Where has God been moving through you?

The Christian Family

Sunday we will celebrate Ascension Sunday in the church and recognize the Christian family. Many will honor their mother, foster mother, step-mother, or mother-in-law. I invite you to reflect on women who have journeyed with you.

Following Jesus

Even into the places we do not want to go; Jesus goes with us and we are instructed to follow him. How deep is your trust in Jesus? What spiritual discipline are you working on this year to deepen and strengthen your trust and faith in Jesus?

Reflecting on Easter

In the moment of hearing her name called, Mary recognized Jesus. With the sound of her name, she was bonded in love once again. When and how have you known intimacy with the Holy One? Do you believe that you are very dear in God’s eyes?

Surrendering the Stone

When the stone was rolled away from the tomb, the women had their hearts and minds open to understanding, hope, and belief. Each of us has a “stone” that needs to be rolled away so that God can heal us and move us towards the person we were created to be.

Understanding the Cross

As we head toward Good Friday, we ponder what the cross means to each of us. Most often we hear folks claim that Jesus died for the sins of the world. While this is one of the understandings of the cross, it is not the only meaning.