Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world
This is the United Methodist Denominational Mission. It is Jesus’ mandate to every disciple and church (Matthew 28: 18-20).  We affirm it is Epworth’s mission.  Discipleship is the heart of every United Methodist Church.  It involves both an inward and an outward spiritual journey.  Jesus’ great commandment: Love God and love your neighbors.  Every vital and impactful church is clear about its systems or ways of growing more deeply in love with God, sharing Christ, and increasingly impacting people beyond the walls of the church through mercy and justice.  To assist us in fulfilling our mission, we call on Jesus’ instruction of the Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and commit to LOVE as a way.

Vision: to LOVE
LOVE God through worship and love our neighbors in everyday life;

OPEN ourselves to learning through small groups and classes that deepen our knowledge and connection to each other and to God;

VOLUNTEER to share our faith with others in ways that make a loving difference and bring others to Christ.  We volunteer our financial resources to guarantee the success of the mission.  We will mentor the next generation.

ENGAGE in fulfilling our baptismal vows to build up and Enlarge the Body of Christ, through regular PRAYER for the ministry of the church, faithful PRESENCE at worship, sacrificial sharing of spiritual and financial GIFTS, ongoing and hands-on SERVICE within the church and in the world, and enthusiastic WITNESS to the power and presence of God in our lives.

Momentum Practices for the Discipleship Journey
Disciples want to grow closer to God and to be ever more effective in serving God.  Methodist Christians do this through regular practice or methodologies.  We will use DEVOTE for our Journey:

Daily Devotion to God – everyday prayer, scripture reading, and journaling/reflecting on God’s presence and God’s call for your life.

Engaging time and loving attention to those who are most important in your personal life AND mentoring someone in the faith so that they can be a strong Christian leader

Visioning for God’s Intended Future – regular reflection on God’s plan for your life with the help of other, mature Christians who can help you live into God’s plan day by day.

Opening ourselves to reading and studying which keeps you up to date on world issues, needs, and the best Christian leadership ideas about how you can respond and serve.

Trust each other in the church community by engaging in a small group experience which allows and encourages growth, development, honesty, articulation, respect, connection, accountability and more.

Eating and Exercising for Life – taking care of your body so that you’ll be ready to respond and to serve in every way and in every moment.