Hearing the Call

Hearing the Call

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to His name;
Worship the Lord in his holy array.
Psalm 29:2

A young man from a west Texas farm community received a football scholarship from a small college in Texas.  He was very excited about his new adventure.  After he had packed his bags to take to school, his mother said goodbye.  After her hugs and tears she asked her son to make her one promise.  “Be sure to attend church every Sunday while you are away from home.”  With no hesitation he assured his mama he would honor that request.

After settling into his dorm, he met several incoming freshman he liked.  However, these young men had few if any spiritual interests.  One of the boys came from a wealthy farm family nearby, and he invited his new friends to come home with him for the weekend to hunt and fish.  Of course, the small-town farm boy said, “Yes, that will be fun”.

On Sunday morning as they were mounting their horses to go where the hunting and fishing were good, the young man heard the loud bell ring from a nearby church.  They rode on farther toward their day’s adventure, when again the young man heard a fainter ringing of the church bells.  Going farther toward their destination and farther from the church bells, this young man again heard the church bells ring, but this time sound was very faint.  He stopped his horse and told his host he had to go back and attend church.  The host said, “We don’t have to go to church today. Let’s go on and I will go to church with you next week”.  The young man replied, “No, I must go back while I can still hear the bell!”.

Are you in that young man’s situation – where you once heard God’s strong voice, but today you have moved away from God and His voice is no longer strong but has become fainter and fainter?  Your conscience might be calling out, “Go back while you can still hear the voice of God!”.

If you feel far away from God, guess who moved?  Return to Him before you no longer hear His voice calling you to come back home.


Father God, continue to ring the bell loud and clear. I never want to stop hearing Your call. May everything that would hinder me from hearing Your voice be silenced. Amen. *From Bob Barnes, 5- Minute Faith Builders for Men ( Harvest House Publishers Eugene Oregon, 97402, @ 2006 p. 113-114

This Sunday we recognize Ascension Sunday and Prepare for Pentecost- the Birth of the Church on June 4th.  I hope you will join us.


Pastor Pat