Shaper of Hearts

Shaper of Hearts

Greetings of Grace and Peace in this month that reminds us to Love!

I hope that you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day; remembering that you are beloved by the Creator of the Universe.  It is amazing that while there are so many people in the world, God knows everything about each one of us: our words before they are on our tongue ( Psalm 139:4), how many hairs are on our head ( Luke 12:7), and what is in our hearts (Romans 8:27).  God knows all about us, even our shortcomings and still loves us.  Amazing!

I share with you a Valentine’s Day poem from Joyce Rupp.

In Christ’s Light and Love,

Pastor Pat

Praise to the Shaper of Hearts

Praise to the One whose love
stirs the ancient embers
sparks the breath of prayer

Praise to the One whose love
entices the wandering
beckons the confused

Praise to the One whose love
grows wings on the weary
dreams hope in the discouraged

Praise to the One whose love
dips deeply into diversity
pours forth boundless beauty

Praise to the One whose love
soothes with the ointment of mercy
transforms with the touch of compassion

Praise to the One whose love
threads the energy of friendship
stitches the strength of fidelity

Praise to the One whose love
tickles the soul with laughter
urges the heart toward joy

Praise to the one whose love
embraces the untamed
dances with the passionate

All praise to this Gracious One
All gratitude to this Beloved
All love to this Mentor of Friendship
All devotion to this Shaper of Hearts.

Taken from Out of the Ordinary @2000, 2010 by Joyce Rupp. Used by permission of Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.