Unfolding Light

Unfolding Light

Greetings Friends,

I share a poem from colleague Steve Garnaas-Holmes.  My prayer is:

May we make our heart open that Christ may enter in, renew us, and make us into all God created us to be.  Amen.

I am confident of this, that the one who began a god work in you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.

– Philippians 1:6

(Yes, that’s a typo. I do that a lot. It’s supposed to be a “good work.” But this time I’ll leave it. That is my prayer.)

“Unfolding Light”

You give me no punishment,
no requirement, no burden,
only you.
Repentance is not my work but yours:
you are a child growing within me.
I surrender myself to your deep delight.
I make of my rough heart
an open manger.
Come to wholeness in me,
that I may become
what you already cherish.
Come, be born in me.
Come, give birth to me,
Holy Child, my Lord,
my Mother, my life.

– Steve Garnaas-Holmes

In Christ’s Love and Light,

Pastor Pat