Good News, Here and Now

Good News, Here and Now

Read Luke 4: 14-21 & Isaiah 61: 1-2a

Sunday’s scripture is Luke 4:14-21, which includes the scripture from Isaiah 61. After Jesus finished reading, he said “These things have been fulfilled (perfect tense) in your hearing.” They’re here, now.

Where in your life, church, or Worcester area do you see the poor getting good news? Where are captives getting word of their release, blinded being able to see, oppressed set free, and Jubilee happening? I invite you to answer this question on the Epworth Facebook page. Let’s start a conversation there.

On Sunday, Beth Singley from Asentria, formerly Lutheran Social Services, will be here to share how Asentria is working on fulfilling the work of Christ to many refugees. I hope you will be in worship and maybe be challenged in assisting another and living out our baptismal call.

In Christ’s Light and Love,

Pastor Pat