The Seeker

The Seeker

Read Matthew 2: 1-12

Epiphany is celebrated January 6th.  May we continue to seek God in our everyday, ordinary events, and life experiences that the eyes of our heart might be awakened and we are able to see the gift and beauty of each moment and event.

“The Seeker”

I do not ride on camels
through a wind-swept desert.
I do not carry gifts
that are fit for a king.
I do not see the star
that guides the stalwart riders.

Yet, I, too, am seeking.
I, too, am longing.
I go among the busy days
yearning for the unknown One.

In the breath of a prayer,
In the care of a friend,
In the beauty of a bird,
a star-like glimpse comes to me.

A flicker of hope arises,
enough to stay in the fray,
to keep searching for the One
who is slowly revealed
in tiny sparks of daily encounters.

Holy One, you who reveal,
make manifest your presence.
Open the eyes of my heart.
Awaken my unattuned spirit.

Bring me to full attention,
So that I come to know,
In my every moment,
your radiant star of guidance.

– Joyce Rupp
Taken from Out of the Ordinary @2000,2010 by Joyce Rupp.
Used by permission of Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.

I look forward to another year of journeying together.

In Christ’s Love and Light,

Pastor Pat