All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day

We just celebrated All Saints’ Day in the Christian Church.  Its official date is November 1st, however, we celebrate the day in worship on the first Sunday in November.  In this service, we remember the glory of God in the saints who have gone before us.  United Methodists folks use the New Testament definition of saints: All Christian people of every time and place.

Who are the saints in your life?  Was there one in particular that stood out?  Did they assist you along in your life and or spiritual growth?  How?  What impact did they make in your life?  What gift of the Spirit did they have?  Where or how did you meet them?  Describe what it was like to be in their presence.  How did you feel when you saw them?  What fruit of the Spirit did they radiant?  Are you changed because of knowing them?  How so?

I hope you will hold at least one of the saints in your heart and think about some of the questions listed above regarding them.  Let their memory fill your heart, mind, and soul.  Give thanks for their life and connection with you.

If you have not already submitted a reflection for the 2015 Advent booklet, perhaps sharing about a saint in your life might offer a good place to start.  Answer one or two of the questions above.  It will honor that person and offer you an opportunity to share your thankfulness to them as you share a tiny aspect of your faith journey.

In Christ’s Light and Love,

Pastor Pat